Open Spaces Open Minds!

Today’s city life and cramped houses barely give any scope for people to have a quality open space. Excel Dwellings being one of the reputed builders in Bangalore have taken this space constraint into consideration and wanted to provide a better living space to their customers.

The establishment of Oxigen sports villas in Bangalore is the starting step for providing better living space. We at Excel Dwellings believe that the more open space one has around their house the better their quality of living becomes. Our villas at Oxigen are spread over 74.5 acres with 8 dedicated acres of sporting arena and world class facilities, also it has more than 50% of Open Space.

Having physical activity is highly essential for a better quality life and we make sure that our customers get the best of everything! Open spaces both inside and outside our villas make sure that there is good natural ventilation in the house. This in turn saves the energy consumption in the house and also provides good natural light.

For bigger homes with better open space, ventilation and amenities which provide a better quality life check out our villas at Oxigen. Floor to opening ratio is 24% (As per National Building Code the Ideal Residential Ratio is 12%-15%).

" Pebble Creek is my first ever investment and dealing with Excel Dwellings really helped me in getting along well in this. I really appreciate the quality of service provided right from initial stage till date. All the queries and concerns were ... " - Varun Agarwal