The Plot vs Flat

Everyone has the basic confusion when it comes to buying a property whether to buy a villa plots in Bangalore or flats. There are many well connected and highly appreciable plots in and around Bangalore at the same time the number of luxury flats in Old Madras Road Bangalore and similar areas are also no less.

Every property has its own advantage and today we will be checking out the main advantages of buying a flat and buying a plot, respectively.

Buying a Plot:

Appreciation gives an edge to plots over a flat as there is always more appreciation for a plot due to less availability of quality locations. Immediate possession of a land is possible and the construction flexibility is also high in plots and the depreciation factor also doesn’t apply to plots.

Plots which are in gated communities are great as they have ample security and better facilities available. For people who can dedicate time to buy and maintain a plot, buying land is the best option for investment.

Buying a Flat/Apartment:

Though relatively slower, the appreciation rate of a flat or an apartment is also equally good over a certain period of time. People who are looking for immediate place for living can always choose a fully constructed apartment or flat which will help them avoid the periodical rents and will allow them to stay in their preferred location. Gate communities are great in terms of security and privacy with state of the art facilities. Getting loans for a flat or apartment is easier and the legal procedures are relatively simpler. So, for people looking for rental income or for their own place to live, investing in flats is ideal.

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