Summer Tips

Sun is blasting the heat this summer so all residents in Bangalore should be careful.You might own cosy villas in Sarjapur or luxury homes in Bangalore but keeping your body healthy is the first thing to do. Take a look at few tips for being summer safe!

Eat light, small, frequent meals. Have ripe summer fruits - peaches, plums, melons and pears, are exactly what your skin craves for in the hot season.Citrus fruits are also very cooling.

Include salads in your diet. Consuming leafy lettuce and summer greens, corn on cob and cucumbers, and salads are delicious ways to stay cool. Onions too are great in the summer, because of their ability to beat the heat and provide relief from summer ailments.

If you get burnt (sun stroke or heat stroke), seek relief by sipping on green tea or take a spoon of onion juice.They are potent antioxidants that can neutralize cellular damage caused by the sun's rays.

Hydrate your body. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water is the best drink as it doesn't contain any sugars that can add up to unnecessary calories. Drink fluids even if you are not yet thirsty. Your thirst is a signal that your is dehydrated.

Wear loose, full-sleeved cotton clothes to protect the body from the sun and to aid evaporation of sweat.Use a hat to protect your head from the sun you go out.

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