vaastu for Contemporary Homes

Vaastu is believed to bring about well-being among people living in a house or apartment. Balancing the energies in a home is highly important and the work of proper Vaastu is exactly the same. Most of the flats in Bangalore nowadays are constructed according to Vaastu sastra.

The sun rises in the east and so the most opportune direction for the main entrance is the east; North East is also a good viable option.

The placement of kitchen is prescribed to be in the South-East corner of the house as it’s a common belief that cooking should be done while facing the East.

South-West corner of an East facing house is one of the best places for the master bed room in the house. The prime objective for house owners also would be to have the main entrance, kitchen and bed chamber located such that one can sleep soundly with no noise.

North-West corner of the building or rooms is the most suitable location for toilet. The other possibility is to construct the bathrooms in the South East direction.

There are many advantages to an apartment which is Vaastu compliant starting off with good natural lighting, natural ventilation and less heat retention. Many of the major apartments in Bangalore are being built according to vaastu as the buyers demand the same.

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